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What We Offer

Online Data Management

Our team has experience in many platforms and applications in the cloud. We help develop solutions using industry leading applications and technologies in the cloud.

Place your website or app where it works best: public cloud, private cloud, or a traditional dedicated server environment. You can connect these environments and create a best-fit hybrid for your specific needs. You have many options throughout your cloud journey. We are uniquely positioned to provide you with the expertise, support, and choice you need.

• Data and Database Admin
• IT Consulting Services
• Computer Repair Services


We start with a comprehensive security assessment, to baseline your company’s current security posture. KTS can implement the right systems and services to protect your company from viruses, malware, spam, database attacks, and unauthorized administrative access.

We are passionate about security. Today data can be your organization’s most valuable asset. However, with the rise of mobile technology, cloud computing, and an exponentially growing volume of digital information, keeping that data secure can be a great challenge.​

• Cyber Security Consultants
• IT Security Program
• Network Backup/Security

Mobile Devices

A strong mobility strategy can genuinely revolutionize your business.

It provides your team with greater access to information while keeping all your data secure.

Our trained IT team are here to help. We will discuss your individual business needs and create a solution that suits you perfectly.

We can handle everything, ensuring your move to mobile causes absolutely minimal disruption to your business.

•Also offering Computer Repair Services

Helping you find the right IT solutions

KTS will do an assessment of your existing system to see which solution will work best for the size of your company. We can help assess your business needs and make the right software choices. We will provide your team with all the necessary training. We do not disappear after installation; in fact we offer assistance to ensure your business continues to run smoothly.

About Us

KTS Technologies II is a professional information technology services company that provides a suite of services and resolutions for commercial and government environments. KTS Technologies II is committed to a high level of customer satisfaction, which is second to none. Our approach is to deliver world-class solutions based on a view in which we highly value client relationships.

We guarantee success of our customers through our assurance to meet or exceed their expectations through professional implementation with our staff of wide range certifications, high degrees of education, and a wide range of knowledge and skill-sets.

We have a strong belief, as a professional services company, we clearly differentiate ourselves against our competitors through our diverse skill-sets, execution culture, our team player execution management, which makes our approach increase customers’ opportunities for achievement.

We view ourselves as the company who make things happen, an extension of your organization. We clearly understand that if you do not become successful, we are not successful. We are very committed to this belief that we offer 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee on every service offered.

Keith Scott


Keith Scott Jr. is the Founder and CEO of KTS Technologies II, Incorporated. Mr. Scott has 6 years of experience in the IT industry.

His specialties are hardware, networking, and cyber security. He began working with the software company ESI Acquisitions Inc. as a Project Manager. While at ESI Acquisitions Inc., Mr. Scott integrated emergency crisis software for hospitals, police departments, and other various first respond departments across the United States.

After ESI Acquisitions Inc., Mr. Scott became an IT Specialist with the U.S. Department of Defense. During this time he provided IT support to dental facilities serving our troops on military bases throughout the southeast United States.

After leaving the Department of Defense, Mr. Scott worked at Verafore, an insurance software company, as a Solutions Engineer. He provided front line support to large insurance organizations worldwide. Currently, Mr. Scott is a Technical Project Manager at Akamai Technologies.

He assists Fortune 500 companies in the United States and abroad thwart cyber attacks.


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